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A bird's-eye view from the roof of the world with Carina Ahlqvist

Stockholm resident Carina Ahlqvist is one of the most experienced female 8000 m mountain climbers in Sweden. She climbed her first mountain, Mount Kenya Point Lenana 5985 meters, 20 years of age. Today, she has been to five 8000 meters mountain expeditions in the Himalayas. She  collaborates with NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), universities in US and Europe, the Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation collecting samples from the face of the mountain to contribute to research in climate change. What started out as an exciting idea in 1987, has become the focus of her life.

"I was born on the ground, climbing mountains has always made me feel at home. You cannot truly conquer a mountain, they are not keen to share their riches, they are however where the earth and heaven touch. It's their sheer scale, their brutal magnificence that compels me to climb them. It takes my breath away to climb up on the roof of the world, but it makes me feel 200% alive."



2018 Carina was approved a formal NASA collaborator of the NASA project "Large landslides and landslide/glacier-dammed Himalayan and Karakoram rivers and the potential for transboundary disruptions" to the NASA Announcement A. 28 Interdisciplinary Research in Earth Science.



The European Space Agency


The Makalu Climate Climb, founded and designed by Carina Ahlqvist, was partly funded by ESA, the Climate Change Initiative (CCI). The objevtive of the collaboration was to raise awareness of climate change from the top of the world. A report from the expedition results is now being drafted and will be presented by ESA.



The Explorers Club


2018 Carina was approved Member in The Explorers Club in March and The Makalu Climate Climb was approved a Flag Expedition. Since 1918, the flag has been carried to all of the Earth’s continents by the clubs explorers, to the Moon, to the depths of the ocean, and around the globe as well as under the sea and into into stars in space. "It was a great honor to carry the flag to Mount Makalu", says Carina. "I carried the flag to amplify the voice of the planet and the mountains in the Himalayas. The planet doesn’t belong to us. We belong to the planet. I also wish to honor the Nepalese people", she concludes.

Exploring history





Nepal Mount Makalu 8 481 m, ascent to 8150 m

Nepal Mount Manaslu 8 163 m, ascent to 8150 m foresummit

US visiting over 20 National Parks in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado

China Tibet Mount Shishapangma 8 027 m, ascent to 6 300 m where the expedition was canceled due to crevasses

Nepal Mount Manaslu 8 163 m, ascent to 6 800 m where the expedition was canceled due to bad weather

China Tibet Mount Cho Oyu 8 201 m summit


France biking from coast to coast

Italy biking from coas to coast for charity to Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation (Svenska Barncancerfonden)


Peru Mount Pisco 5 752 m

Peru Mount Huascaran 6 768 m summit


Spain Alicante Sella rock climbing

Nepal Island Peak 6 189 m summit


France Verdon rock climbing


France Sormio rock climbing


China Tibet Mount Everst Basecamp 5 200 m with my son 14 years


Norway Svalbard icebear scooter safari, cave excursion

Italy Dolomites Alta Via Uno trekking


US kayaking in Yosemite, trekking in Sequoia National Park


US trekking and paragliding near Grand Canyon


Nepal Machapuchare Basecamp 3 729 m solo trekking 

Indonesia Sumatra volcano Mount Sibayak 2 212 m

Indonesien Sumatra volcano Mount Merapi 2 910 m 


Africa travelling alone 8 months in 7 countries

Nature Conservation reforestration project

Kenya Mount Kenya Point Lenana 4 985 m

Kenya volcano Longonot 2 776 m

Botswana kayaking in Okavango Swamp delta river

Cho Oyu 8 201 m Nepal 2014

Biking for charity through taly 2013

Excursion Svalbard Norway 2006

Reforestration project Kenya 1987

”Exploration is all about the sensation of curiosity and finding pure happiness in your way of experiencing life.”

 Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation

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